We leverage data to differentiate your programs.

The world now runs on data, and higher education is no exception. Everspring uses data from a variety of sources including market data, student data, and information provided by our university partners to supply the insights needed to deliver quality online education. We rely on sophisticated data modeling to provide education analytics that help us identify high quality students, make data-driven marketing decisions, and develop customized student retention protocols. We also utilize this information to provide you with the broad visibility needed to evaluate and continuously improve the performance of your online programs. In the initial phases of our partnerships, we focus on constructing and implementing data analytics frameworks and processes that capture key performance indicators. This approach lets Everspring gain visibility into your program markets, evaluate prospective student interest, project cohort enrollment, and monitor online program performance. We supplement our standard reporting with custom analysis at key points in the program selection and implementation process, providing support in alignment with your university’s strategy now and into the future.

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