Learning Design

We transform your educational delivery through learning model innovation.

Everspring’s agile learning design team collaborates with university faculty to bring your content to life. Our powerful technology and cognitive science based approach to learning design enables you to deliver engaging next-generation learning online. Our proprietary program design process focuses on developing a set of program-level features to differentiate you in the competitive market. We also provide a full set of instructional design and multimedia production capabilities, a bank of varied digital design models, and access to our innovative online learning management system (LMS) – all of which are customized for your unique needs and programs. Our experienced instructional designers work side-by-side with faculty of all experience levels to provide the insight and tailored support needed to broaden their skill set, expand the university’s capabilities, and deliver effective and outstanding online programs. Everspring’s approach fosters faculty creativity, stimulating innovation, and engagement in the online classroom and beyond.

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