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Everspring builds education technology that engenders trust. Our comprehensive solution delivers unparalleled visibility across the student lifecycle and unprecedented access to data from multiple university systems. We bring a customizable technology platform that combines innovative proprietary software and custom-configured commercial technology in a unified, seamless solution – one that is easily implemented and delivers superior results. Cloud-based and operable with a broad range of underlying university systems, Everspring’s system integration solutions enable the uninterrupted free flow of data to support the delivery of outstanding online programs to your faculty, staff, and students.

Our solution is designed specifically to meet the needs of the online learner and the modern university that supports them. Our custom-configured customer relationship management system (CRM) provides a hub for visibility into the student lifecycle. Our personalized learning management system (LMS) delivers an innovative and engaging platform for teaching and learning, capturing click-level data for rich analytics. In addition, our proprietary mobile application provides a university-branded mobile interface for students and faculty on the go. Everspring’s platform is built on our powerful integration system, which unifies the collection and distribution of data from multiple systems and provides seamless access to this content. From student inquiry to admission, class start to completion, and orientation through graduation, Everspring provides a rich framework for analysis and continuous improvement.

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