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From marketing to academics to student engagement, Everspring accelerates your move online while delivering exceptional experiences for your students and faculty. Because we know students are students, our offerings transcend the artificial distinction between online and on-campus. Our approach is integrated, by design. Our solutions are modular, by design. And our platform grows with you, providing unmatched quality and value for your institution now and into the future. This is the Everspring Advantage.

Growth with Quality

In 2014, this Midwestern flagship, R1 institution was facing declining enrollment across their graduate programs when the university’s provost approached Everspring with the aim of expanding the university’s reach and reversing enrollment declines, particularly in key professional schools. And so we engaged, with a mandate of delivering scale without sacrificing quality and a mission of seeding growth through innovation. After identifying a key set of programs to be moved online, Everspring and the university engaged in a branding and program design process that both captured what had historically made the university great and reimagined what the learning experience could be. The first online master’s degree program launched one year later, ultimately tripling the size of that program, and inspiring other programs to move online to establish a robust portfolio of offerings. The university went on to launch 10 academic degree programs in the first 24 months of the partnership with Everspring. All Everspring-supported programs have seen consistent and dramatic enrollment growth while delivering outstanding retention and graduation rates that exceed those of their on-time, on-campus equivalents. Moreover, during this time, the U.S. News & World Report ranking of the university’s flagship program, supported by Everspring, moved from #2 to #1, and the ranking of the school from which the initial online programs launched rose from #22 to #15. Growth with quality, differentiated programs and the creation of momentum through innovation: All of these are made possible with Everspring.


When you work with Everspring, you have access to our seasoned team of experts. From academic operations, student services and marketing to instructional design and strategic consulting, our custom, quality solutions allow you to quickly launch sophisticated programs, and our team accelerates the development of your digital capabilities. Together, we transform your educational delivery. Leverage our sophisticated know-how to drive your successful expansion online. We guide you to success every step of the way.

An Academic Revolution

This “Public Ivy” wanted to start a revolution—both internally and externally—when it decided to launch its flagship MBA as its first-ever online program. In collaboration with Everspring, a passionate group of faculty members participated in Everspring’s proprietary program design process, which integrates creativity and value-based design to deliver powerfully engaging academic programs that produce outstanding outcomes. Leveraging Everspring’s technology, the faculty chose a program design that includes a unique portfolio experience for students, one which integrates community interaction, skills development tracking and applied content delivery, and which has differentiated their MBA in the market while preparing students for a broad spectrum of modern business challenges. Twenty-four months into the partnership, overall graduate business enrollments, including both on-ground and online, increased by over 70 percent. The institution is now expanding its capabilities to offer more online programs as a core strategy. This work has fundamentally changed how the university operates—a true revolution.


Everspring’s ecosystem of tools, technology, services and support brings your entire education experience to life in new and powerful ways. Our innovative approach is based on cognitive science and our powerful technology tools deliver exceptional experiences. This frees your faculty to do what they do best. The result? Greater student and faculty satisfaction, strong retention, outstanding graduation rates and—ultimately—programs that elevate your reputation.


Successful university leaders understand that the distinction between online and on-campus is no longer relevant. What matters most is a holistic, high-quality and engaging academic experience, one anchored in intelligent design, with the power to inspire. Everspring’s universal design approach unleashes your ability to build and expand digital properties, courses, programs, and processes once and use them without limitation across the university.


Most solutions require trade-offs that leave you with only a one-dimensional measure of success: academic quality or scale. Whether you use all or part of our solution, Everspring delivers innovative instructional design and high-quality students, at scale. This combination drives program growth and quality, resulting in greater retention and higher graduation rates. With our expertise and proven solutions, Everspring launches you in market with excellence today, while improving your ability to do more tomorrow.


Our solutions offer you unmatched control over your growth and digital development. Our technology, services and financing can be separated, allowing you to choose only what you need, without paying for things you don’t. Ultimately, this approach allows you to retain more of your tuition revenue. And our unique Build-Operate-Transfer engagement model offers you the option of long-term control of the solution we build for you.