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This is no longer an experiment. Today’s students and faculty expect an engaging education experience—whether it’s online, on-campus or a hybrid program. We support the success of your institution by delivering a unified strategy. Our solutions enable your faculty to do what they do best. Your students benefit from an immersive learning environment that leads to greater satisfaction. All of these outcomes reinforce your institution’s reputation. And only Everspring gives you the ability to own the solution we build together. As your partner, we jump-start your digital transformation, answering the diverse needs arising across your campus right now. We enhance your capabilities today and accelerate your ability to do more tomorrow.


Innovative solutions require bold thinking. Everspring partners with presidents, provosts and campus CFOs, as well as deans, department chairs, program directors and faculty. We offer the full range of strategic planning services needed to design, build and accelerate your move online. From sophisticated market and competitive research to robust reporting and program design, Everspring delivers valuable and actionable insights. This collaborative approach supports all stakeholders with the data, insight and expertise required to power sustainable future growth at your institution.

Raising the Bar in Online Learning

When one of our partners—a leading school of social work—decided to launch an online Master of Social Work (MSW) program, they aimed to create a new kind of learning experience in order to create a new kind of social worker. Early discussions and market research pointed to two main conclusions. First, social workers “see” communities through multiple lenses, not only through the eyes of support providers but through those of individuals who need to use community services as well. Second, to be successful, social workers must manage a set of critical and high-stakes situations, such as conducting a home visit or determining a transportation option for a client. In collaboration, Everspring and the faculty design team created a distinctive learning asset, a virtual world in which online MSW students can develop, practice and master their social work decision-making skills in a lower-risk environment before applying them in the real world. This asset simultaneously raises the bar for social work education and scenario-based learning, delivering students who are better prepared to heal a fractured world.   


Everspring’s Academics-First approach has the power to transform not only your online delivery but also your on-campus learning. Our solution consistently delivers exceptional learning and teaching outcomes for students and faculty with high-quality, multimedia learning experiences. We work side by side with your faculty to create truly differentiated experiences, bringing your design to life with full instructional design and production services, or by providing the tools you need to do it yourself. Regardless of how you engage, the results will surprise and delight your students and faculty.


Everspring marketing solution delivers highly differentiated, targeted marketing campaigns to ensure your program stands out in a crowded, competitive market. With the right mix of technology, creative development and media expertise, Everspring consistently drives high-quality prospective students to truly differentiated academic programs. Our technology stack includes the tools to build and maintain secure, fast, SEO- and mobile-friendly websites that are integrated with data-rich lead flow aggregation and management capabilities. We give you the option to have us manage your spend across digital and offline media, with full transparency and reporting.


Satisfied students become engaged alumni, for life. Everspring starts by delivering high-quality applicants. Once enrolled, we provide high-touch assistance and student support that results in greater retention and enviable graduation rates. Our highly trained Admissions Advisors and Student Success Coordinators interact with your prospective and admitted students on their terms and timelines via phone, email, text and chat. Everspring’s student engagement and support services become your competitive advantage. Create alumni, not just graduates.


Everspring’s innovative, end-to-end operating platform provides the foundation for your growing capabilities. Our suite of interlocking technologies and applications enable you to build and operate your programs with greater efficiency and control. Everspring’s powerful data integration layer anchors the platform, enabling the free flow of data across your key systems. This, in turn, unlocks the value of your data, giving you access to valuable program insights and enabling more proactive student outreach and support.

Once implemented, our solution provides a unified platform for growth and digital transformation across your programs, departments and schools. The platform is continually evolving, ensuring that your programs remain on the leading edge. Ultimately, you have the option to license the platform and operate your programs on our technology independently. The choice is yours.