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Everspring creates digital solutions that help you expertly translate the university online. We remove the time pressure and the technology burdens so you can deliver what you do best–teaching engaging content that transforms lives. There’s no hiding how we work or what it costs. This is our open-box attitude. Our solution can be fully integrated or completely unbundled. We elevate the level of sophistication and expertise while driving results.

Higher-Touch Education

Better digital delivery amplifies university content. It’s not enough to simply move your lectures online. Everspring instructional design elevates courses into effective and engaging consumable content. Move beyond text to incorporate multimedia, infographics, intuitive page layouts, apps, gamified content and other dazzling visual elements. Discover what edtech experts can do.

Our Expertise

Everspring brings decades of higher education, instructional and cognitive design, technology, and digital expertise to deliver you online. Explore our services to learn more about what our teams can do for you.

Priced to Move, You

Our open-box approach is straightforward and emphasizes transparency. Everspring’s modular services start as low as $2,000 per month and our self-service CourseBuilder solution costs as little as $5 per student.

Contact us to learn more, including financing details for our turnkey OPM solutions. Gain more control. Take less risk. Lower your costs.

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Technology That Gives Higher Education a Lift

We know what works, and have put our decades of higher education experience directly into our solutions. So you can trust Everspring’s education technology is designed by actual end-users: those of us who rely on these tools to build world class university brands, generate robust student prospects, create outstanding courses, and engage students and faculty in rich educational exchanges. The result? Programs that scale with easy-to-use courses that deliver a sophisticated presentation.

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The Expert Doers

Everspring brings decades of higher education, instructional and cognitive design, technology, and digital expertise to enhance what you deliver online, on-campus and hybrid.

Meet the Leadership Team

School of Education | University of Kansas
Dean Rick Ginsberg
I think we are working with the best partner in the business.


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