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Build Consistently Great Courses, At Scale

Everspring makes course development simpler and more efficient for community colleges working with limited budgets, resources, and technology infrastructure. We develop cost-effective, engaging online & hybrid programs that equip students with critical knowledge and in-demand career skills.

Focus on Impact, We’ll Handle the Rest:

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Fast Course Expansion to Meet Demand
Swiftly increase your course variety, from certificates to associate degrees, to match evolving student and employer needs.
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Strategic Blueprints for Scalable Course Design
Leverage a sustainable, strategic framework to amplify the quality and consistency of online & hybrid courses.
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Flexible Online and Hybrid Delivery
Offer a seamless learning experience with flexible delivery. Build engaging multi-modal courses for diverse student populations that blend high-value knowledge & skills that capitalize on the best of online and in person interaction.
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Integrate Faculty Expertise with Engaging Learning Practices
Achieve 95% faculty and student satisfaction.1 Our faculty-approved course development services foster synergy between content knowledge and effective instruction.
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Modern Courses, Robust Retention
Our proven methodology, updated technology interface, and modernized experiences keep students engaged and invested, leading to higher retention rates.
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Transfer-Ready Courses
Ensure your courses are aligned with articulation agreements and support students' future educational and career goals.

Upgrade Online and Hybrid Courses with Trusted Support

With Everspring, speed up your course creation, leveraging data-driven insights for optimized student engagement and success. Our efficient project management and scalable solutions ensure your courses captivate and succeed.

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Data-Driven Optimization

Harness the power of data analysis to evaluate course effectiveness and enhance student retention, placing critical insights at your fingertips.
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Scalable Frameworks

Our scalable strategies ensure uniformly excellent online and hybrid courses, even with tight budgets and changing tech. Comprehensive templates guarantee a consistent learning experience for all students, freeing them to focus on what matters most — learning.
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Equip Instructors with Customized Training

We provide training and support to empower instructors to leverage our technology to deliver dynamic online and hybrid courses that enhance the learning experience.
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Fair and Flexible Pricing

Our pricing options are tailored to your goals, ensuring the best possible ROI.

Start Small, Scale Big with Everspring

Ready to enhance your online and hybrid courses? Reach out to see how we can support your goals and drive your community college's success.

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Tried, Tested, Trusted: Everspring Courses Retain Students

Everspring provides community colleges with expert partnership opportunities to create compelling online and hybrid courses and enhance student retention.

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Course Development and Instructional Design

Our team of instructional design experts builds courses for you, or supplements your internal resources where needed.

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Everspring Quality Review (EQR)

We perform a comprehensive online and hybrid course evaluation with research-based, actionable insights to enhance course delivery, accessibility and student outcomes.

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Faculty Training and Support

Equip your educators with essential skills and ongoing support to adapt to market changes.

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Technology and Tools

Our proprietary learning design technology enhances existing learning management systems, enabling the deployment of low-cost, high-quality courses.

Achieve Remarkable Outcomes with Everspring

Learn how partnering with Everspring improved accessibility, engagement, and outcomes at Prince George’s Community College.

Alignment with National Benchmarks: By adhering to established quality standards, PGCC demonstrates the rigor and effectiveness of their online and hybrid offerings.

Consistent Course Design: The standardized look and feel across courses makes it easier for students to focus on their work and showcases PGCC's commitment to quality online and hybrid education.

Focus on Asynchronous Learning: The new courses have flexible design that caters to adult learners and aligns with the needs of many 4-year universities.

Discover the impact of partnering with Everspring through our collaboration with Prince George's Community College for better accessibility, engagement, and outcomes.

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Tamiko Cooper

Meet Tamiko, Head of Community College Partnerships

Tamiko Cooper has over 15 years of dedicated experience in higher education, serving in roles working with faculty and students ranging from technology to marketing, and sales for leading companies such as McGraw-Hill and Cengage. As vice president of University Partnerships for Everspring, she excels in helping institutions find solutions that drive achievable results and outcomes. In her spare time, Tamiko is an active volunteer in her community, teaching and mentoring. She is also an active learner, holding certificates in Effective Communication from Duke University and Marketing from DePaul Kellstadt Graduate School.

Connect with Tamiko

  1. Based on self-reported data from orientation and end-of-course surveys between 2020 and 2023