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Everspring’s services and technology solutions prepare colleges and universities to succeed today and take on future challenges. We provide modular, flexible support where you need it most so you can build and scale programs, expand your reach, and enroll and retain students. Everything we do is tech-enabled and data-driven to increase efficiency and manage costs—resulting in successful outcomes and strong return on investment.

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Digital Marketing

Our innovative digital marketing strategies combine our extensive higher education know-how to expand your reach and achieve enrollment goals. With decades of experience and thousands of learning cycles under our belt, we generate high-converting leads among each program’s ideal prospect base—and we leverage proprietary data and methodologies to do so efficiently and cost-effectively.

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Our marketing services include:

    Paid media strategy and management
    Website development and optimization
    Custom enrollment content
    Custom marketing campaigns
    Strategic marketing consulting

    Service Benefits

    SEO-optimized program sites. Impactful, channel-relevant content. Audience segmentation and targeting. Strategic, omnichannel campaigns. Powerful marketing technology.

    Our solutions power sustainable enrollment and revenue growth. We help you build on your brand strengths and leverage your existing resources to diversify your program offerings, achieve economies of scale, expand access to your programs, tap into new markets, enhance your reputation and streamline processes.

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    Enrollment & Student Success

    Enroll and retain more students. From recruitment to registration to graduation, Everspring provides a seamless process for students and universities. With multichannel support technologies and proven communications protocols, we guide students throughout their journey—ensuring they enroll, retain and graduate. Choose Everspring for full lifecycle support and expertise that is proven to boost enrollment and retention.

    Everspring admissions outreach advisor Bolatito Oyeniyi

    Our enrollment and student success services include:

    Admissions platform
    Student success (retention) platform
    Enrollment/student success staffing

    Service Benefits

    Of students entering our partners’ online programs between fall 2022 and fall 2023, 90% have either graduated or remain active in their programs.1 Our on-time online graduation rates also meet or exceed those of our partners’ comparable on-campus programs. We boost enrollment rates and graduate satisfied students.

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    Instructional Design & Course Development

    Everspring builds the best courses. How? Our instructional design approach is faculty-driven and student-centered. Our CourseBuilder platform simplifies online course delivery and enhances the student experience. And our AI-powered course reviews maximize efficiency by focusing resources where they’ll have the most impact. As a result, Everspring-built courses boast market-leading student and faculty satisfaction ratings.

    Online courses developed by Everspring displayed on laptop screen

    Our instructional design and course development services include:

    Program consultation
    Course reviews and consultation
    Course development
    Faculty training and support

    Service Benefits

    Everspring’s online and hybrid programs prioritize faculty and student needs, backed by data-driven technology for outstanding engagement and amazing outcomes. Both our student and faculty satisfaction is 95%,2 and our Faculty Net Promoter Score (NPS) is 78.3 (The industry average NPS score is ~50.)4

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    Market Research & Program Consulting

    Succeeding in today’s evolving higher education landscape requires data-driven planning. Everspring has a wealth of internal, proprietary benchmark data on higher ed. Our team of higher education data analysts leverage this data along with publicly available data sources to provide accurate, actionable recommendations and unique insights to guide program and portfolio planning. The result? Program portfolios that don’t just compete, but command the market.

    Everspring-managed microsite homepage for William & Mary Raymond A. Mason School of Business, displayed on desktop screen

    Our market research and consulting services include:

    Market position and scale potential
    Portfolio planning
    In-depth program analysis

    Service Benefits

    When you partner with Everspring, you get meaningful insights that drive measurable results. Our in-depth analysis of your market, competitors, and ideal student mix—combined with labor market data and our proprietary roadmaps—pinpoint your best growth opportunities and provide a concrete plan for your future program and portfolio expansion.

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    Our unique approach has enabled universities to grow new and existing programs, increase enrollments, diversify their student population, expand their recognition, and rise in the national rankings. We love challenging what’s possible, providing superior value and delivering outstanding outcomes.

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    1. Calculated using enrollment data provided by college and university partners
    2. Based on student self-reported data from orientation and end-of-course surveys and compiled scores from faculty engagement, faculty experience, course development and online instructor training surveys between 2019 and 2023
    3. Calculated using industry-standard NPS methodology using scores from faculty engagement, faculty experience, course development and online instructor training surveys between 2018 and 2023
    4. Everspring utilizes the Net Promoter Score (NPS) methodology as a tool for measuring satisfaction and success across partners in a manner that allows us to compare our performance across education providers, as well as broader industry benchmarks. The NPS is a rigorous methodology for determining customer satisfaction.