EmergingEd Powered by Everspring Enables Universities to Easily Create High-Quality Online Short Courses


Everspring extends its EmergingEd platform to universities to build and sell a portfolio of high-quality online short courses.

CHICAGO — Everspring, a leading provider of education technology and services to universities seeking to build or expand their online capabilities, today announces updates and enhancements to its EmergingEd solution that make it easy for universities to enter the rapidly growing online short course market, create a new revenue stream and support lifelong learning.

EmergingEd, powered by Everspring, now offers a comprehensive set of easy-to-use tools that enable universities to stand up and grow a portfolio of online short courses that put the needs of today's learners first. With our turnkey solution, universities can quickly build high-quality, engaging courses and deploy them—in weeks, not months—to a global audience through a sophisticated eCommerce platform. EmergingEd consists of:

  1. A course authoring tool to quickly and easily build high-quality, interactive short courses.
  2. Customized course frameworks that streamline the course development process and ensure dynamic, engaging learning.
  3. An eCommerce platform that enables students to conveniently self-register through a familiar shopping cart experience.
  4. Course delivery support that provides learners with 24/7 technical support.
  5. Powerful, portable and information-rich digital badging for learners.

Courses consist of academic content from the university, allowing faculty to showcase their expertise to a wide audience. EmergingEd simplifies the course development process through professionally built, plug-and-play frameworks that deliver an engaging experience without the need for advanced technical skills. The eCommerce platform and learning management system give students an intuitive, seamless online experience from registration and purchase on through to course completion.

Universities are experiencing increasingly high demand for faster, lower-cost alternatives to traditional degrees that allow working professionals and job seekers to grow their professional skills.1 Amplified by the recent economic climate, annual spending on micro and alternative credentials is currently $10 billion and projected to double in the next 3–5 years.2 EmergingEd helps universities respond to this demand by providing a solution with everything they need to quickly expand their upskilling and lifelong learning offerings.

"There is a crucial need for short courses that are convenient and accessible for adult learners seeking to upskill or enhance their employability. This need presents a tremendous opportunity for universities," said Beth Hollenberg, Co-founder and President of Everspring. "EmergingEd provides everything a university needs to go to market quickly and with quality, using easy-to-use course building tools and a seamless, secure eCommerce platform."

For more information about EmergingEd, visit www.everspringpartners.com/emerginged.

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