Everspring Announces Enhancements to its Proven CourseBuilder Tool Empowering Universities to Seamlessly Manage and Deliver High-Quality Online Courses

CourseBuilder powered by Everspring

CourseBuilder 1.3 makes course management and delivery quicker and easier than ever

CHICAGO — Everspring, Inc., a leading provider of education technology and services to universities seeking to build or expand their online capabilities, has released CourseBuilder 1.3 with a fully upgraded user interface and new workflow features that make delivering and managing courses term-over-term even faster and easier.

CourseBuilder is the foundation of Everspring’s suite of academic solutions, which include technology tools and services that help colleges and universities easily create high-quality, engaging, interactive online courses. With an intuitive, user-friendly approach to building digital learning content, and access to a full set of instructional design services, faculty can create deeply engaging courses in days or weeks rather than months.

As a standalone tool, CourseBuilder enables easy, fast course content creation that can support fully remote, hybrid, or in-person programs. When coupled with Everspring’s instructional design and production services, universities can use CourseBuilder to create high-quality online courses independently, with tools faculty can easily use every day to update their content or adapt the courses to their changing needs, or with full instructional design support from Everspring. This newest release of CourseBuilder 1.3 takes the ease and convenience of the product even further by enabling faculty to update their courses term-over-term, making course management quick and seamless, increasing faculty control over their courses, and saving time and money.

Specifically, this latest version of CourseBuilder:

  • Allows faculty to plug their course content into existing templates without the need for advanced technical skills.
  • Embeds instructional design best practices into an easily accessible interface that allows faculty to seamlessly incorporate videos, discussions, apps, quizzes, and other interactive elements.
  • Provides clear and logical navigation features that make it easy for students to access course content and track their progress throughout a term.

“We designed CourseBuilder based on our experience working with faculty and administrators, in response to their needs,” said Kathy Groth, Vice President of Learning Design. “Our aim was to leverage the instructional design best practices our team of designers, media producers, and LMS administrators to enable faculty to easily create impactful online content that is engaging for students and leads to great outcomes.”

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