Everspring Partners with Instructure for CanvasCon Online 2020

Brook Corwin

Everspring is a proud sponsor of CanvasCon Online, a free global conference for educators, edtech experts, and Canvas users to discuss the future of digital education. This year, we will be hosting an on-demand session at CanvasCon to demonstrate innovative approaches to build digital experiences and connections online. The session highlights how online courses can be even better than in-person learning.

Session Details

Community Without a Campus: Building Engaging Online Courses to Protect Your Legacy

Date: Thursday, October 15 at 3:30 p.m. CDT
Speaker: Brook Corwin, Executive Director of Academic Innovation and Product at Everspring

When students are remote, the online course space takes on added responsibility to build community and facilitate engagement that would normally occur on campus. Yet perceptions of Learning Management Systems as assignment and file repositories still persist in the minds of many students and instructors. What if your course space in Canvas rose to the challenge? How might its design be optimized for engagement before students even enroll? Could each module prompt active learning, facilitate collaboration, and keep students focused, setting up your instructors to succeed?

In this session, we’ll demonstrate how we’ve partnered with universities to create courses in Canvas that have engagement baked into the design, utilizing a combination of native Canvas tools and our proprietary applications to create scaffolded learning paths for students in each module. We’ll share some tips and strategies that have primed courses to deliver consistently high student retention and satisfaction rates across programs.


To register for CanvasCon Online, visit https://www.instructure.com/canvas/events/canvascon/register.