Everspring to Host Fireside Chat with California State University Long Beach at 2021 CAEL Annual Conference

Everspring to Host Fireside Chat with California State University Long Beach at 2021 CAEL Annual Conference

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Everspring learning design expert, Kathy Groth, to speak alongside CSULB’s Rod Smith, PhD, on best practices for building programs for engagement.

CHICAGO— Everspring Inc., a leading provider of higher education technology solutions and services to universities seeking to build or expand their online capabilities, will host a fireside chat at the 2021 CAEL Annual Conference in San Diego November 18. Rod Smith, PhD, director of business graduate programs at California State University Long Beach (CSULB), and Kathy Groth, vice president of learning design at Everspring, will discuss best practices for building highly engaging programs for adult learners.

In the session, entitled “Building a Better Blueprint: Designing Best-in-Class Programs for Today’s Learners,” Smith and Groth will share how Everspring and CSULB are working together to build a framework for a leading online MBA program that prioritizes meaningful student engagement.

CSULB recognized an opportunity to redesign its online MBA to offer a more engaging student experience and expand the reach of the program to a wider audience. The team at CSULB partnered with Everspring for course design consultation to build courses that enhance the student experience while remaining aligned with the faculty’s expertise.

Everspring’s expertise in learning design brings faculty-driven content to life online. The result is courses and programs that exceed the high expectations of students and faculty, with student and faculty satisfaction scores that are routinely in the mid to high 90% range, persistence rates that meet or beat on-campus completion, and outstanding student and faculty reviews that enhance the university’s brand and reputation.

“Strong engagement and student outcomes are cornerstones that drive our learning design approach at Everspring,” says Kathy Groth, vice president of learning design at Everspring. “Our goal with our partners at CSULB was to enable more student-to-student and student-to-faculty engagement while ensuring consistency across MBA cohorts.”

The speakers will discuss how applying online learning and instructional design best practices promoted strong student engagement and outcomes while streamlining teaching requirements. They will also speak on the importance of measuring ongoing program performance to ensure continued innovation and student success.

To learn more about the 2021 CAEL Annual Conference, visit: cael.org/events/2021-cael-conference.

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The Council for Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL) was founded to help organizations succeed by providing expertise, resources, and solutions that effectively support adult learners as they navigate on- and off-ramps between education and employment. The Annual Conference is an opportunity for industry leaders and experts from postsecondary education, workforce and economic development, and industry to connect and learn from each other.

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Everspring is a leading provider of education technology and services solutions for higher education. Our advanced technology, proven marketing approach, and robust faculty support and instructional design services deliver outstanding outcomes for our university partners, powering their success online. Everspring offers a range of full-service turnkey solutions, as well as standalone fee-for-service offerings, and innovative self-service products that enable universities to establish themselves as leaders in the digital delivery of higher education. Based in Chicago, Everspring serves a growing number of colleges and universities, nationwide.

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