Marquette University Selects EdTech Innovation Leader Everspring to Grow Graduate Programs

CHICAGO — Marquette University and Everspring today announced a partnership to help boost enrollment and extend access to a Marquette education in three innovative online graduate programs. The programs will be operated in partnership with Everspring, a leading provider of services and technology that helps universities build, scale, and operate high-quality, sophisticated online courses and programs.

“We are excited to partner with Everspring to expand access to the unique and transformative education Marquette University has to offer,” Provost Kimo Ah Yun said. “Everspring brings a deep expertise in attracting and recruiting students, as well as an ability to engage and support students throughout their entire graduate school journey. This will further our mission of finding ways to meet our students where they are and extend the Marquette education to a new population of students.”

The three programs include an online MBA, online Master in Management (MiM), and online master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling-—all fields with fast-growing professional opportunities. The online MBA and MiM programs are already enrolling students, while the online master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling will launch in late August 2021. All of the programs focus on applied skills, and are designed to be career-focused.

The 100% fully online MBA is a flexible program that provides a balance of real-world industry experience and impactful scholarly research, preparing students who are ready to lead across diverse industries. The MiM program combines the best aspects of multiple disciplines to produce well-rounded business leaders prepared to succeed as ethical, globally conscious business leaders. The master's in Clinical Mental Health Counseling program prepares students for a meaningful career as a counselor in a variety of settings and allows graduates to enter the job market with a skill set that’s in high demand.

“As we look to train the next generation of business leaders and counselors in line with our Catholic, Jesuit values and ethics,” Provost Ah Yun said, “we are confident that Everspring will help us in that goal by increasing the scale of our programs and allowing us to impact more students and their communities.”

“We’re thrilled to help Marquette expand their presence online,” said Beth Hollenberg, president of Everspring. “Marquette is a top-notch university and we are privileged to support these innovative online programs, which enable students to gain valuable skills and key advantages in today’s competitive job market.”

About Marquette University

Marquette University is a Catholic, Jesuit university located near the heart of downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin, that offers a comprehensive range of majors in 11 nationally and internationally recognized colleges and schools. A Marquette education offers students a virtually unlimited number of paths and destinations and prepares them for the world by asking them to think critically about it. Marquette’s mission is the search for truth, the discovery and sharing of knowledge, the fostering of personal and professional excellence, the promotion of a life of faith and the development of leadership expressed in service to others. Along the way, they ask one thing of every student: Be The Difference.

About Everspring

Everspring creates digital solutions that help leading higher education institutions deliver their legacy online, with excellence. Our exceptional technology and services empower universities to focus on teaching engaging content that transforms lives. Everspring offers a range of full-service turnkey solutions, fee-for-service offerings, as well as a set of innovative standalone products. Based in Chicago, Everspring serves a growing number of colleges and universities across the country.