California State University, Chico

Growing Enrollments Quickly With Cost-Effective Digital Marketing

In 2019, when California State University, Chico (Chico State) initially engaged Everspring, their College of Business had no online programs. The market for online business programs was growing quickly, and the College of Business knew that building a portfolio of online offerings would be essential to their future success. Additionally, Chico State is located in the large, rural Northern California region. Although their university serves a large audience, access was a barrier for many prospective students.

To overcome these challenges, they needed a partner who could:

  • Provide strategic research to support their decision to grow online.
  • Identify job opportunities and community impact of an online portfolio.
  • Make recommendations regarding scale and how best to engage prospects.
  • Execute strategic marketing to ensure a strong program launch and sustained growth.

Crucially, in choosing a partner, they sought flexible services to supplement their internal teams, as well as a cost-effective fee-for-service pricing model.

Growth Beyond Expectation: A Partnership Built to Scale

Robust Interest
280,000+ Microsite Visitors
15,000+ Leads
Industry-Leading Engagement
2-5x better engagement
3x better conversion
3x lower cost-per-start
Outstanding Results
300+ new MBA students in first 2 years
150+ new BSBA students in first 2 starts
An expanding online program portfolio

“Everspring’s support has been invaluable to the success of our online business programs. Their market research allowed us to gain institutional support to build our new programs, and they’ve worked with our internal marketing team seamlessly to develop marketing that generates strong enrollments and enhances Chico State’s brand in the market.”

Clare Van Ness
Clare Van Ness
Interim Dean, Professional and Continuing Education, California State University, Chico