Prince George's Community College - Case Study

How PGCC Upgraded Its Online Learning Experience with Everspring

Consistency at Scale: A Crucial Shift for Prince George's Community College

As higher education quickly evolves toward more online and hybrid offerings and adapting to serve broader student demographics, community colleges like Prince George’s Community College (PGCC) are at the forefront of these shifts. PGCC has long been seen as a leader in online education in Maryland and beyond. But with students’ increased interest in online options, their online offerings needed an update that would provide a more engaging learning experience.

Beyond the need for more engaging online courses, PGCC faced a unique challenge specific to Maryland's higher education structure. Unlike some states, Maryland does not have a single governing body that automatically determines course transferability between community colleges (CCs) and 4-year universities. This autonomy creates a situation where individual colleges and universities have more control over determining course equivalency. Additionally, Maryland’s dual enrollment (or early college access) programs provide high school students the opportunity to take college courses. These programs can include both academic and career/technical courses and are designed to allow students to gain college credits while still in high school. To increase transferability and ensure their courses were valued by universities, PGCC needed to demonstrate consistency and quality across their online offerings.

Elevating Quality and Consistency: A Multi-Faceted Approach

To address these challenges, PGCC aimed to achieve several key objectives:

  • Standardized Look and Feel: PGCC sought to elevate all their online courses to a consistent design and user experience. This consistency would drive student retention, create a more professional image, and demonstrate a commitment to quality across their online program.
  • Developing Asynchronous Courses: With a growing adult learner base, PGCC needed to offer flexible, asynchronous courses that adult and high school learners could access on their own schedules.
  • Proving Transferable Value: To increase acceptance by 4-year universities and support workforce development and continuing education programs, PGCC needed to establish their online courses as rigorous and equivalent to on-campus offerings.

While PGCC possessed significant educational value and expertise, there was a critical gap between their existing online educational capabilities and the engaging, flexible learning experiences students increasingly demanded. To bridge this divide and ensure effective learning for different types of students, PGCC needed to enhance the quality and accessibility of their online courses.

To make these big changes, PGCC looked for a partner who could help them efficiently upgrade their online courses to better serve student needs. They chose Everspring due to the company’s track record of providing quality educational experiences through data-driven solutions and best-in-class instructional design.

"With Everspring's expertise, we overcame obstacles like a shortage of instructional designers, aligning courses with best practices and establishing standards. The impact was immediate, with courses available well before the semester, elevating the learning experience. Everspring's dedication to excellence and their impressive satisfaction scores make them an invaluable asset to our school."

Nadine Edwards
Nadine Edwards
Director, eLearning Services
at Prince George's Community College