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Building a High-Quality Online Master of Social Work

In 2018 when Yeshiva University’s Wurzweiler School of Social Work first engaged Everspring to bring their Master of Social Work (MSW) program online, the stakes were high. The market was in the midst of rapid transformation driven by increased student demand for online programs. At the time, the school had no online presence and they needed to bring their MSW online without sacrificing any of the quality or engagement of their on-ground program. Program differentiation posed an additional challenge, as MSWs must adhere to established curricular and fieldwork requirements.

Faculty were concerned that an online modality would compromise the closely tied relationship between coursework, where students learn theory, and fieldwork, where they apply theory in a real-world setting. Incorporating opportunities for interaction and discussion—components that are important to the MSW experience—was vital for the success of the online program.

Wurzweiler sought a partner to build a high-quality, differentiated online MSW that offered students flexibility to take courses on a full- or part-time basis and either on-ground or online. The program needed to ensure all students in the program would be able to meet fieldwork and licensure requirements regardless of location. The partnership also needed to support this initiative without spending university capital to build, launch, and scale.

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The Heights is an extremely important aspect of the program because it allows students to dive into the community and tackle social injustices they will see in real life.
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The Heights: A Virtual Learning Environment

The Heights: A Virtual Learning Environment

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