Enrollment & Student Success
Enrollment & Student Success
Enroll and Retain More Students

Expert Guidance From Application Through Graduation

Everspring knows how to enroll more students and keep more students. Our process is seamless, from recruitment to registration and beyond—all the way through graduation. Our enrollment and student support services use expert teams, fine-tuned protocols, a strong grounding in technology and continuous improvement to boost your programs with enrolled students who retain and graduate. The proof that our approach works? Across the colleges and universities we work with, our term-to-term student retention rate is 98%.1

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90% of students who entered our partners’ online programs between 2022 and 2023 have graduated or remain active in their programs.2

Student Recruitment and Admissions Support

The student journey begins with a prospect’s first inquiry. Because that interaction shapes their perception of a university and program, it’s crucial to get it right. Everspring’s proven enrollment processes and protocols give your prospective students a consistent flow of compelling outreach that builds brand affinity from day one, making them more likely to convert into an enrolled student who retains in their program.

Our enrollment platform uses multichannel support technologies to facilitate a cohesive student experience from inquiry to enrollment, and our support lifecycle protocols enable ongoing engagement with materials custom-created for your university brand and programs. This removes administrative burden for your internal teams while keeping all of the admissions decision-making in your hands.

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Retention Initiatives: Student Experience and Student Success

Supporting your students’ success is integral to your mission—and to ours. Everspring’s student success and retention services give students the support they need from their acceptance of admission through graduation to ensure successful program completion.

Our student success platform and protocols pick up after admission, include a student orientation, and span the life of the student journey to track their progress through their program. Our proprietary early warning algorithm identifies students who may be at risk before they reach a high-stress moment, allowing us to triage specialized outreach with the university to provide at-risk students the support they need.

As with all of Everspring’s services, the university maintains control. All student support questions pertaining to academic standing, financial aid and/or career advising remain under the university’s purview.

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  1. Average term-to-term retention in fully supported programs
  2. Calculated using enrollment data provided by college and university partners