Instructional Design & Course Development
Instructional Design & Course Development
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Everspring is revolutionizing higher education with hybrid course delivery that prioritizes faculty and student needs.

We are the market leaders in student and faculty satisfaction. Why? Because we design faculty-driven, student-centered courses that result in outstanding student retention rates and career outcomes. Our CourseBuilder platform simplifies online course delivery, enhances the student experience, and is designed to keep control in the university’s hands. Plus, our AI-powered course reviews maximize efficiency by focusing resources where they’ll have the most impact.

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Excellence in Student and Faculty Experiences

Faculty satisfaction rate1
Average program length in months
Average program class size
Term-to-term retention2

Our Learning Design Capabilities

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Course Development and Instructional Design

Our team of instructional design experts builds courses for you, or supplements your internal resources where needed.

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Everspring Quality Review (EQR)

We perform a comprehensive online course evaluation with research-based, actionable insights to enhance course delivery, accessibility and student outcomes.

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Faculty Training and Support

We equip faculty with the technology know-how and online teaching expertise they need to succeed—and continuously support them along the way.

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Technology and Tools

Our proprietary learning design technology enhances existing learning management systems, enabling the deployment of low-cost, high-quality courses.

Our instructional designers are superusers across a range of LMS platforms, and Everspring is certified partner in both Canvas and Blackboard Learn.

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Course Design Core Principles

Everspring’s course design technology, methodology and processes are based on five principles that deliver outstanding online and hybrid academic experiences. These experiences earn sterling student reviews and satisfaction ratings, deliver outstanding career outcomes for students and put our partner programs at the top of rankings lists.

  1. Courses are student- and faculty-centric
  2. The engagement experience is high-quality
  3. The learning experience results in great outcomes
  4. The online infrastructure is easy to implement and use
  5. The overall course experience aligns with the core values of the institution
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“With Everspring’s expertise, we overcame obstacles like a shortage of instructional designers, aligning courses with best practices and establishing standards. The impact was immediate, with courses available well before the semester, elevating the learning experience. Everspring’s dedication to excellence and their impressive satisfaction scores make them an invaluable asset to our school.”

Nadine Edwards
Nadine Edwards, Director, eLearning Services at Prince George’s Community College
  1. Based on compiled scores from faculty engagement, faculty experience, course development and online instructor training surveys between 2019 and 2023
  2. Average term-to-term retention in fully supported programs