Market Research & Program Consulting
Market Research & Program Consulting
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Succeeding in today’s shifting higher education landscape requires data-driven portfolio planning. Identify your unique market position and prime growth opportunities with Everspring. We help universities develop program portfolios that don’t just compete, but dominate the market. Our in-depth analysis of your market, competitors and ideal student mix, combined with labor market data and our proprietary roadmaps, identify prime growth opportunities and provide a concrete plan for your future portfolio and expansion.

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Everspring’s robust market research and portfolio planning will determine the viability of potential new programs and optimize existing programs. Our proprietary Market Pulse Program Prioritization Framework leverages our own proprietary data (that does not exist in the public domain) combined with the Department of Education and labor market data to identify our clients’ unique positions in the market and their strongest growth opportunities.

We provide strategic, actionable roadmaps to grow programs, portfolios and institutions so colleges and universities can gain the advantage in a fiercely competitive higher education market.

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Make Strategic Planning Easy With Decisions Backed By Data

The next step in expanding your capabilities is only a message away. We’re excited to hear from you and understand your needs. Whatever your university’s goals, Everspring can get you there.

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Market Research & Program Consulting Services

Strategic and market expertise for program optimization to building thriving online portfolios:

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Market Position and Scale Potential

See where you fit in the current market and learn the programs and program types that represent your greatest growth opportunities. We help you identify competitive positioning and pricing to get you where you want to be.
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In-Depth Program Analysis

We use our Market Pulse Prioritization Framework—which triangulates employer demand, education demand and program fit—to prioritize planning for existing program growth and potential program development.
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Portfolio Planning

Know how your current offerings match with market demands. We evaluate what prospective students are searching for and what skills are most in demand in the labor market.