William & Mary Expands Portfolio of Online Programs Powered by Everspring

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School of Education to add new digital master’s degree program

CHICAGO & WILLIAMSBURG, Va. – Everspring Inc., a leading provider of education technology and services to universities seeking to build or expand their online capabilities, has been chosen by William & Mary School of Education to support the design, development and launch of a new online graduate degree program focused on curriculum and instruction. This expansion brings the total W&M portfolio of online programs supported by Everspring to nine, representing more than [70] courses between two schools.

In developing this new program for W&M, Everspring will leverage it’s unique design-thinking approach, and proprietary instructional design techniques, and robust technology tools to bring the school’s heritage to life online, with the same academic rigor and expertise that has characterized the university's on-campus offerings. Everspring will also help launch and grow the new program by deploying it’s comprehensive content-based outreach strategy, which has proven successful in attracting highly qualified students who are well-positioned to succeed in and benefit from such an advanced program.

“Our successful partnership with William & Mary has continued to generate opportunities to meet the changing needs of students, faculty and the university by embracing innovation in the digital delivery of postgraduate education,” said Beth Hollenberg, President of Everspring. “Together, we have built exceptional educational experiences that reflect William & Mary’s teaching traditions and demonstrate how high-quality online education can bring the university’s tradition of excellence to an even broader group of prospective students.”

A Focus on Developing Teachers Who Are Leaders

“With the accelerating adoption of online learning, we recognized the importance of expanding our portfolio of digital offerings by introducing a Master of Arts in Education, Curriculum and Instruction (MAED),” said Robert Knoeppel, Dean, W&M School of Education. “Our C&I program, developed in partnership with Everspring, will reflect a dynamic and innovative approach to developing teachers who are skilled in educating students from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds as well as students with disabilities.”

The program is being designed for experienced, licensed teachers. The W&M MAED Curriculum and Instruction degree requires successful completion of 10 online courses totaling 30 credits.

“W&M seeks to develop transformative teachers through courses in leadership, social justice and global education while advancing their skills in inquiry and design for deeper learning,” said Meredith Kier, associate professor and chair, Curriculum and Instruction. “Ultimately, these teachers will go on to lead their school communities and inspire their colleagues to advance the quality of education for these children and youth.”

The William & Mary online MAED, Curriculum and Instruction, will soon begin accepting applications for the fall 2021 term. For more information about the online MAED program, visit https://education.wm.edu/academics/ci/degrees/ee/index.php.

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Everspring is a leading provider of education technology and services solutions for higher education. Our advanced technology, proven marketing approach, and robust faculty support and instructional design services deliver outstanding outcomes for our university partners, powering their success online. Everspring offers a range of full-service turnkey solutions, as well as standalone fee-for-service offerings, and innovative self-service products that enable universities to establish themselves as leaders in the digital delivery of higher education. Based in Chicago, Everspring serves a growing number of colleges and universities, nationwide.

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