Course Development That Makes Sense
Course Development That Makes Sense

Engaging Online Course Design, Made Easy

CourseBuilder is the powerful digital tool that allows universities to build and deliver an enormous number of online classes at scale with quality, consistency and simplicity. This self-service solution removes the burden of course creation in the LMS from faculty so you can easily deliver a world-class online experience that is in line with your institution’s standards and reputation.

CourseBuilder can be deployed in a matter of hours, delivering an immediate advantage.

Instantly access easy-to-use, professionally designed templates, enhanced course navigation, clear and visible metrics, dynamic authoring tools, and intelligent instructional apps. CourseBuilder delivers a way to create engaging academic content fast, with an approach that is based on cognitive science and reinforced by superior instructional design. All built directly into one solution.

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Build Better Online Courses, Fast

As digital delivery becomes an essential part of your strategy, you need a solution that brings your content to life. CourseBuilder is expertly designed to translate your distinguished thought leadership into engaging online delivery quickly, simply and without sacrificing student engagement. Dramatically accelerate your timelines and remove the technology roadblocks. Whether you already have a digital presence or are just getting started, you can create online education that lives up to your legacy – even among the most digitally inexperienced of your faculty.

  • Assure consistent, branded, high-quality learning across programs using a selection of course templates designed by online education experts
  • Reduce costs by efficiently mass-producing program structures and courses through an intuitive interface that is easy to use
  • Set faculty up for success by delivering high-quality, pre-formatted online courserooms
  • Deliver polished materials, using professionally designed templates created by Everspring’s instructional designers
  • Access intuitive user interfaces, designed to support engagement and simplify your move online
  • Guide faculty through the process of building robust courses on rapid timelines with access to webinars, thought leadership and consultation from expert instructional designers

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