Meet the Everspring Leadership Team

Since 2012, Everspring has worked with leading institutions to create a new standard of excellence in education. We partner with doers, thinkers, leaders and change-makers to unlock the power of the university. We are educators, innovators and operators. Our senior leadership team puts more than 250 years’ experience in education to work for you. Everspring’s sophisticated solutions and innovative approach let you bridge the gap between your existing capabilities and what you need to grow online degree programs with excellence well into the future. Our tight-knit team becomes your go-to partner as we design and implement your digital transformation.
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Beth Hollenberg

Chief Executive Officer
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Ted Unger

Chief Financial Officer
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Amir Haq

Chief Technology Officer
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Douglas Reiner

Chief Sales Officer
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Michael Bell

Chief Marketing Officer
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Peter Dovnar

Executive Vice President, Client Engagement
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Erin McGrane

Senior Vice President, Student Engagement
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Cathy Goodman

Senior Vice President, Operations
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Kathy Groth

Senior Vice President, Learning Design
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Matthew Zaute

Matthew Zaute

Senior Vice President, Digital Marketing

Be the future of education.

We are always seeking dynamic, curious, passionate and collaborative problem solvers and leaders that share our passion for education. Ready to grow your career and be part of something bigger?


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